Neil Prakash: from jihad to jailhouse

Neil Prakash: from jihad to jailhouse

Neil Prakash: from jihad to jailhouse
Neil Prakash left Australia to fight for the Islamic State’s Caliphate. Now he wants our help to escape it


Trevor Cardwell
Trevor Cardwell 4 months ago

He is only asking for help because he has been captured. That doesn't mean he has changed his views. Let the Turks execute him, and never allow any of his family to become Australian citizens or set foot on Australian soil. They can rot where they are!

Louis J. Russell
Louis J. Russell 4 months ago

Not only did he fight for islamic state, but he influenced and recruited others to travel and fight with them. Send him a big pack of peanuts or popcorn to munch on in jail

Chris Anagnostakos
Chris Anagnostakos 4 months ago

Stuff him, we better not help this scum gutter crawler of society. We aren't a charity case. He relinquished any rights to anything Australia offers once he pledged his alliance to the scum . NO!

Caz Thompson
Caz Thompson 4 months ago

Now this spineless little low life wants our help?
Nope...... Leave him in his Turkish prison and let red tape tie up any application for help for years 😡
As for his kids...... he doesn't even know if they are still alive, much less where they are. And imagine what sort twisted ideology they have been subjected to.
I'd be surprised if their entry into Australia ever needs to be considered.

Allison Major
Allison Major 4 months ago

When he left australia he made the decision that is no longer Australian now he want help from a country he wants to destroy. He can get stuffed!

Ken Cowling
Ken Cowling 4 months ago

Once the support of attacks to Australian people or places I do believe that is where you give away the citizen you once may have been.

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