The dark side of Thailand

The dark side of Thailand

The dark side of Thailand
More Kiwis than ever are travelling to Thailand, unaware of the dark underbelly that's dangerous and even deadly for some tourists.


Michael Ross
Michael Ross 4 months ago

Don't touch that cesspit of a country with a bargepole. You can get a flavour of the problem from the regular scam there of police literally kidnapping people at airports and holding them until a ransom is paid:

Penelope Corbett
Penelope Corbett 4 months ago

Thailand is beautiful, amazing. Most of the people are amazing. As in most places. As for dark underbelly.. it is there for sure. Yes it is a good idea for tourists to develop some awareness. But living in Thailand for two years i felt safer than i did in NZ.

Carly Vernon
Carly Vernon 4 months ago

Yep so true. I have been to Thailand many times and am going back in October and I make sure I go no where near those red light districts or anywhere near elephant sanctuaries. I like to try and support the locals by shopping and eating and catching tuk tuks hehe

Alex Cookson
Alex Cookson 4 months ago

Do you research before going. I went in May and stayed at Elephant Hills which rescues elephants and gives you the opportunity to wash and feed them. They live in an amazing place and it's truly a wonderful experience. I met quite a few girls that were travelling around and staying by themselves in the dodgiest backpackers on the cheap though so can see why people get themselves into trouble.

Hugh Mcnaughton
Hugh Mcnaughton 4 months ago

U create your own trouble here . Instead of bring trouble here , stay in your own backyard and make the trouble . U make great memories or spend time in a Thai jail . Your choice , up 2 u .

Hugh Mcnaughton
Hugh Mcnaughton 4 months ago

Lived here for many years , no trouble . U make your problems . Maybe some european people are the dodge ones . Maybe it's the kettle calling the pot black .

Lyn Swan
Lyn Swan 4 months ago

Disgusting people exploiting young innocent victims - the pimps, the bar owners and of course the animals who actually pay for the sex!! Karma will get you all!

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