27 things only mums who've had c-sections know

27 things only mums who've had c-sections know

27 things only mums who've had c-sections know
If you're a mum who had a c-section, you'll totally relate to these 27 things!


Fallon Darlington
Fallon Darlington 4 months ago

Chellett Rainsford 10-27, all so true!

I freaked out that I could feel everything, I thought I wasn't suppose to be able to feel it, they asked if it was painful or if I could just feel it, I freaked out and said I didn't know 😂 they just gave me more drugs 😂

And your just left to be naked all night and most of the next day 🙈

Hayley Veche
Hayley Veche 4 months ago

Also getting home and finding it near impossible to get out of bed. Actually missing that hospital bed with the button that lifts your body to help you sit up!

Chelsea Limmer
Chelsea Limmer 4 months ago

After surgery you don't have any undies on. Trying to hold that surfboard pad between your legs, hold your stomach and shuffle to the toilet while trying not to pass out will forever be etched into my memory of now laughable moments.

Kylie Ordo
Kylie Ordo 4 months ago

25 for sure. I had to yell out help because my baby was screaming, they weren't answering my help button and I couldn't get my baby out of the crib.
The mum next to me ended up getting up and getting my baby out for me.

So many of these are spot on!

I've had 2 c-sections. 1 emergency, the other planned.

Tammy Lewis
Tammy Lewis 4 months ago

Wow. That was pretty scary.
Lucky for me I got to experience both and from my experience l would choose a c section. With my first born, l went into labor at 35 weeks. I was told she was breech so was given the option to try and deliver naturally but because she was prem they suggested c section. I was wheeled into theatre on a Saturday arvo and the atmosphere was awesome. They had the music on and the Doctor was talking about his morning of golf with everyone. I was relaxed and despite my little girl only being 4lb 7oz and her having stay in hospital for 3 weeks, my recovery was fantastic.
My second born little girl was also born at 35 weeks but l gave birth naturally. Nothing about it was enjoyable. I got poked and prodded for about 10 hours then had to be cut and l had 3rd degree tear (she was only 4lb 13oz). I went through labor with no gas but had to use it while being stitched up. It took them forever to stitch me up (2 people because the first one couldn't do it)and l was sore for weeks. My recovery was terrible. But l now have 2 very healthy happy daughters (10 & 13)..

Chelsea Limmer
Chelsea Limmer 4 months ago

The medication can make you feel sick. After my middle son was born. I just finished having a shower. I felt "normal" again. Only to unexpectedly projectile vomit over my clean clothes and freshly made bed. Lucky I wasn't holding my son. 😂😂😂

Kerrie Greenhalgh
Kerrie Greenhalgh 4 months ago

Having to sit in a chair in the shower while the nurses clean you...lifting everything up and out of the way as they go 😳 so embarrassing

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