Florist Discriminated Against Gay Couple, Washington Supreme Court Rules

Florist Discriminated Against Gay Couple, Washington Supreme Court Rules

Florist Discriminated Against Gay Couple, Washington Supreme Court Rules
The Supreme Court said flatly that it agreed with the couple — flowers were not really the point. This "is no more about access to flowers than civil rights cases in the 1960s were about access to sandwiches."


Bryan Corni
Bryan Corni 1 year ago

If you are a baker, you bake cakes. That's what you do. Your job title is not 'instructor and enforcer of fundamentalist christian doctrine'.

Caleb Skyes
Caleb Skyes 1 year ago

We should all be thankful that they still require actual qualifications of some sort to become a Supreme Court Justice. If they were electable, half the American electorate would put the cast of Duck Dynasty into the Supreme Court.

Karen La Pierre
Karen La Pierre 1 year ago

I hope she also refuses to do flowers for couples living together without marriage and people who are divorced and remarried, which is also sin. Somehow I bet those sins are okay to help her make money.

Dennis Veldman
Dennis Veldman 1 year ago

Florists should be glad with every customer, they buy flowers and go home, to their love, family, whoever to bring a flower, a bouqet, happiness. A bouqet for a wedding is very special.
I've been a florist for 15 years and it's a shame that this happened. It is disrespectful toward the customers and what they want the flowers for is none of their business, just make something gorgeous and that's that.

Michele E. Lupe
Michele E. Lupe 1 year ago

Funny, she would willingly sell them flowers before. When they went in to look at "wedding flowers" then she refused. Did their money change?

John Adam Turcich
John Adam Turcich 1 year ago

Waiting on all the Trump supporter excuses.

Flatly, Washington state has laws against exactly what they did. There's no way they weren't breaking the law, and SCOTUS won't overturn this.

Austin James Swayze
Austin James Swayze 1 year ago

I don't agree with the view points, but if the government can force you to go against your beliefs. Where will they stop? Ideas can't be removed by force. You must use other means to combat

Thomas Jeremiah Guenther
Thomas Jeremiah Guenther 1 year ago

You can't buy flowers somewhere, you go somewhere else. You don't try to ruin a small-business owner. These kind of lawsuits are getting small and petty. This is just taking advantage of people and forcing your beliefs on others. And wasn't exactly that what homosexual couples fishing against years ago? When the oppressed get power, they oppress others. It's a proven historical theme.

Maria Goldberg
Maria Goldberg 1 year ago

Thank you Washington Supreme Court! No one should justify denying other people's civil rights with their religious beliefs.

Neil Jokovich
Neil Jokovich 1 year ago

Good, now let's see her business fail and have her rely desperately on government assistance which she undoubtedly voted to destroy in the election.

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