Jimmy Fallon (as Trump) Meets the Press

Jimmy Fallon (as Trump) Meets the Press

Jimmy Fallon (as Trump) Meets the Press
Jimmy Fallon spoofed President Donald J. Trump's news briefing: "I hate you all very much & thank you for being here."


Ethan Anderson
Ethan Anderson 1 year ago

Can't have it both ways, little boy. You patted his head and tossed softballs on the Tonight Show when it mattered. Get stuffed, Jimmy.

Julie Marshall Harris
Julie Marshall Harris 1 year ago

It's funny...but that it is based on our actual President in an actual 77 minute press conference that he believed to be appropriate is horrifying regardless of your political affiliation. This is not an issue of political persuasion but rather an issue of what we, as Americans, expect of our leader. This is not about policy, it is about this man being completely unhinged. He is a danger to himself, to our country, and as an extension, the world.

Bobby Nair
Bobby Nair 1 year ago

This has to be one of Fallon's best ever spoofs. And the reason why it isn't funny is because it's so close to the real thing.

Abhishek Rana
Abhishek Rana 1 year ago

don't know why muricans hate him. maybe cuz it's cool to hate trump as all celebrities hates him too... he is keeping you safe from Islamic terrorism, bringing you jobs..what else you want?

Bill Haines
Bill Haines 1 year ago

A little late Fallon to be jumping on the integrity bandwagon when you helped to normalize Don the Con before the election, causing this mayhem to be imposed upon the good people of America.

Ellen Markoff
Ellen Markoff 1 year ago

He saw Colbert ratings were putting him as #1 so he had to jump on the Trump satire bandwagon. He's funny but I'll stick with Colbert.

Mia DiRenzo Laurienzo
Mia DiRenzo Laurienzo 1 year ago

The only good thing about the Trump presidency is the humor.

Dale R Dacey
Dale R Dacey 1 year ago

Liberal meltdowns are great. Keep them coming snowflakes.

Greg Farrell
Greg Farrell 1 year ago

How about doing one with Rush Limbaugh saying what a great press conference?

Joanne Brak
Joanne Brak 1 year ago

a lil too late there, Jimmy.

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