Is 2-State Solution Dead? In Israel, a Debate Over What’s Next

Is 2-State Solution Dead? In Israel, a Debate Over What’s Next

Is 2-State Solution Dead? In Israel, a Debate Over What’s Next
Israelis and Palestinians are confused by President Donald J. Trump's flippancy toward decades of U.S. policy in the Middle East.


Jim Hsu
Jim Hsu 1 year ago

They'll soon learn to ignore Trump's "flippancy." He is simply a complete ignoramus.

Probably thinks "two states? Why does it take two? What a waste of a state. I can do it with one state, okay? It'll be the best state anyone has seen, everyone will love my state, and of course they will thank me....I'M NOT RANTING AND RAVING!"

Pete Djordyn
Pete Djordyn 1 year ago

He just wants what everyone wants, as long as they want that, and then he's good with that. that's ok, right? Sounds like leadership, kinda. I mean, as long as you guys think it does. Then I'm good.

Don Aldred
Don Aldred 1 year ago

The difference between Trump and Obama, is Trump won't throw Israel under the bridge. We moving to a two state solution from Obama state of confusion.

Mark Levit
Mark Levit 1 year ago

Alex, she is absolutely right, no clue, even Bibi was dumbfounded at press conference. Trump said I will you and Palestinians figure what works best for you and BIbi, by the way can you hold off on settlements. I am sure some people think that he is America needed, but this might be the worst presidency Year. Not sure if you remember when New York had a hail the chimp cover and they were referring to ex President Bush. Well they should put hail baffoon to refer to Trump.

Susan McNerney
Susan McNerney 1 year ago

He. doesn't. give. a. single. sh&^. about Israelis or Palestinians. Either side trusts him at their peril.

Paul Rincon
Paul Rincon 1 year ago

I fear that violence will only continue to escalate until a two-state solution becomes the only real option. "Standing with Israel" should mean making Israel see reason, and look to their own future - a future that involves them committing to be a secular state within the UN-recognized borders, not a religious state occupying Eretz Israel (the West Bank occupied territories). Otherwise, there will be no peace, and a bloodbath will be the ultimate result.

Gordon Devlin
Gordon Devlin 1 year ago

When are you all
Going to stop pretending that Trump
Has one iota of knowledge or worthwhile opinion on any matters of state? Really, he is winging it.

Cheryl Heymans
Cheryl Heymans 1 year ago

This has yo be the most corrupt and inept administration in history. Trump doesn't know the difference between 1 state and 2 state.


Michele Boyle
Michele Boyle 1 year ago

They're confused? I wonder why...? 45 doesn't know what he's talking about - he probably couldn't read the big words in the briefing materials.

Kara Kiblinger
Kara Kiblinger 1 year ago

It's not so much flippancy, as he literally has no idea what he's doing.

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