A how-to guide for investigating the President

A how-to guide for investigating the President

A how-to guide for investigating the President
"The allegations against the Trump team are potentially scandalous, and we are in for a vicious political fight," writes Joshua Rovner.


Kenneth Artz
Kenneth Artz 9 months ago

So when all these traitorous allegations are proven false, will the gossip mongers and mischief makers be hanged, jailed, or exiled?

Karen Beverly
Karen Beverly 9 months ago

DMN, can you check out JOINT House resolution 69, which repeals rules enacted previously concerning the Alaska Federal wild life refuge? It passed today, Eddie Bernice Johnson voted against it, but Sam Johnson voted for it. Among other things, it (the repeal) authorizes again the shooting of bears from helicopters. The Dallas Safari club may have been a supporter of this.

Erin Munn
Erin Munn 9 months ago

Democrat Morning News at it again- all Trump bashing, all the time! Will you just go out of business already? Oh, wait, you're probably being funded by George Soros too.....

Bert Childers
Bert Childers 9 months ago

Here's to you one more time Democrat Moaning News.....What I don't like about what is going on now, is there is an absolutely frenzied and concerted attempt to delegitimize, sabotage and destroy the Trump presidency before it’s even started."
Piers Morgan believes that the mainstream media is fueling "hysterical" attacks on President Donald J. Trump, and it's fundamentally "un-American."

Travis Quinney
Travis Quinney 9 months ago

This Paper was Bias when he ran against Hillary and now you are just like Fox and CNN you can't stand Trump and your articles prove that!!!!!
Keep trying #LEFTWINGNUTS !!!!

Mike Graham
Mike Graham 9 months ago

Trump, I inherited this mess. US press say's their is no mess, unemployment under 5% stock market OK. US Military leader states, I hope the countries political issues get settled quick, we are a nation at war, the world is in a mess !! Now you see how our US national press is working to cause mass politaical confusion !! DNC has no problems worth a press report :)

Michael Sutton
Michael Sutton 9 months ago

It's time to bring back the Dallas Times Herald after all this rhetoric!

Lori De La Cruz
Lori De La Cruz 9 months ago

You're making the assumption that the R's will actually investigate 45. Not until they're good and ready to throw him under the bus...

Heath Hartzell
Heath Hartzell 9 months ago

I've got a Great Dane and a van. We will get to the bottom of it.

Rodney Lindemeier
Rodney Lindemeier 9 months ago

Everything we see points to a so called president that is lying through his teeth

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