Hollywood is on track to have its worst summer in 25 years

Hollywood is on track to have its worst summer in 25 years

Hollywood is on track to have its worst summer in 25 years
Audiences now have more reasons than ever to stay home.


Timothy Wahl
Timothy Wahl 1 month ago

I think it's more that the movie theaters are ripping people off with high ticket prices, absurd concession prices, and the new "stop and frisk" security measures. No thanks.

Isaias Serna
Isaias Serna 1 month ago

Creativity in movie making has gone awol.We rarely see gems such as The Revenant.They just don't reward great stories with opportunity.They instead go back to what is recognizable to the audience.And that is a very boring approach.

Aileen Mullaney
Aileen Mullaney 1 month ago

I took my adult daughter, my granddaughter and her friend to the movies one afternoon this summer. I bought the drinks and snacks which were actually MORE than the tickets. No more bargain matinees. Total cost for less that two hours.....$78!! Won't be doing that again!!! I can make popcorn and serve drinks at home and pay to rent a movie for them for less than $10.

Kate Anderson
Kate Anderson 1 month ago

Honestly, there's better storytelling with tv series these days. Movies are mostly reboots, prequels, 20 year sequels, or world building. I'd rather pay $30 for a season, than twice that for a night at the theater.

John-Andrew Murphy
John-Andrew Murphy 1 month ago

Make better movies. Period. Tell stories. Develop characters. And keep the screenplays away from MBA's. My late brother was a member of the Screenwriters Guild, and he saw this coming way back the late 80's, when Hollywood execs handed too much power to the bean counters and marketing teams. No more reboots. No more cheesy CGI. Look at a phenomenon like Game of Thrones, but don't copy it or hand it to Peter Jackson. Just give audiences something fresh, and stop insulting our intelligence.

Neil Adams
Neil Adams 1 month ago

Two things: (1) The writer says "Ingrid Goes West" was panned by critics? It's rating at 87 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. (2) "Ingrid Goes West" is an indie film, which means it was never expected to do blockbuster numbers.

Whitley Engel-Dokken
Whitley Engel-Dokken 1 month ago

No one’s putting on pants and ponying up $50 for popcorn, Mountain Dew, and a ticket to “X-Men 37” when they could be relaxing at home in front of their own big screen watching any of the thousands of shows & movies available instantly. Movie theaters are dead to us.

Eduardo Tirado
Eduardo Tirado 1 month ago

People will always go to the movies when the movies are good.
But if Hollywood keeps dishing out the same crap every year with more remakes, more Marvel heroes junk and to top it off raping you at the concession stand, then, this is what they get!

Lynne Park
Lynne Park 1 month ago

I would gladly pay a premium price to watch first run movies AT HOME. We no longer go movie theaters. We used to go once, twice, sometimes 3 times a week. No more. It just isn't enjoyable.

Frank C. Bellido
Frank C. Bellido 1 month ago

One good horror. Just want someone to make ONE good horror movie. No shaky cam, no super dark scenes, no lameIsawitcomingamileaway jump scares and no characters who make the dumbest decisions possible because the writers have no other idea as to how to move the story foward. THAT would be a good start.

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