Hollywood is suffering its worst-attended summer movie season in 25 years

Hollywood is suffering its worst-attended summer movie season in 25 years

Hollywood is suffering its worst-attended summer movie season in 25 years
There are the obvious reasons: Too many bad movies, including sequels, reboots and aging franchises that no one wanted to see.

Then there are long-term challenges, including competition from streaming services and the influence of Rotten Tomatoes.


Joel W. Collins
Joel W. Collins 1 month ago

Seeing things in theaters costs too much, especially in the current economy. $12-$15 for a ticket, $5 for a soda and $3-$5 for popcorn PER PERSON means people can't afford to see movies as much.

Rotten Tomatoes doesn't deter people that much, because many people's favorite movies don't score very high, and people know that.

Pri Clark
Pri Clark 1 month ago

The only movies I've seen in the theater the last two years were CBM I've been waiting my whole life to see, and book to movie adaptations that I've been anticipating since the rights were optioned. There were several more I rented later, I would have seen in the theater if Rotten Tomatoes hadn't railroaded them, including Tarzan and King Arthur.

Sean Devos
Sean Devos 1 month ago

There's bigger issues. Hollywood has directors, actors/actresses who feel that they must weigh in on everything political with their views and professing to be the only moral compass. It doesn't matter what their views are, people are sick of hearing about it. They have a bigger problem though. Hollywood is bankrupt. Not financially or morally, but creatively. They have no new ideas, they have to continually remake and re-remake old ideas, pirate old TV shows, and comic books. People are tired of the same regurgitated garbage.

Eileen Vesey
Eileen Vesey 1 month ago

Let's see.....a Baywatch movie?? Seriously? Hollywood is afraid to take chances these days withat interesting scripts and stories. They want to stay in a perceived "safe zone". They don't want to upset or challenge people so they stick with lame sequels and and remakes.I LOVE what HBO, Starz, Amazon and Netflix are doing experimenting with shows and limited series that are interesting, sometimes controversial, but original and new. There are definitely stories and movies that demand to be seen on the big screen such as Dunkirk. But it seems that most others lately really aren't worth it.

David Greenberg
David Greenberg 1 month ago

Compare and contrast theaters with what you've got at home:

* Same or better sound at home
* Pause button at home
* Better, healthier, less expensive food at home
* It's either streaming the movie as part of a monthly subscription that's about $10/month, or a pay per view for $2-5... Everyone in the house can watch it...
* No traffic
* No parking
* No worries about getting robbed, having to deal with schmucks in the theater that want to fight with everyone over nothing...
* No ad-nauseum commercials before the movie starts, and after the movie starts (prior to the "feature")...
* No lines.
* No one sitting in front of you blocking the view....
* No drive home....

So ummm, why would I want to spend $18/ticket, + concessions + parking + worry about criminal activity to venture to a theater? Screw it. Hollywood can go to hell - they've been ripping us off for generations, about time we return the favor...

Rafael Cruz
Rafael Cruz 1 month ago

No these new actors have too learn from Paccino,Denzel,Deniro,little by little they just al want a quick buck and Will do any stupid movie!

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