Dlamini Zuma denies cabinet move | IOL Politics

Dlamini Zuma denies cabinet move | IOL Politics

Dlamini Zuma denies cabinet move | IOL Politics
Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma says she is ready to serve wherever the ANC wants her to, but denied knowing anything about a move to the cabinet.


Molly Anthoo
Molly Anthoo 4 months ago

She's acting ignorant & clueless.In a week or so she's in power in parliament.They would love to think that the SA citizens are nieve,uneducated or plain stupid but we know every dirty trick be cos they thought us well.

Africa Tlhapi
Africa Tlhapi 4 months ago

This is proof that she can't be trusted,she is already lying even before she can occupy the promised position. The big question can is JZ still here man or what.

David Menziwa
David Menziwa 4 months ago

Beautiful South Africans, buckle up the Country is in for yet another very nasty turn.this old lady is going for deputy president position there is no doubt about that,after she will be President of RSA then all of Jacob Zuma's 800 corruption charges will be dropped(he will be a free old man HE HE HE HE)

Ndivhuwo Stopvirus Luthada
Ndivhuwo Stopvirus Luthada 4 months ago

This gogo is acting ignorant, we know for sure that it was well planned before she even came back from AU, no one needs to be told to understand what's happening and now she has started with lies before even being sworn as a member of parliament, how can we trust her?

Japiro Bevzen
Japiro Bevzen 4 months ago

we thought zuma is the liar, then then here comes another dlamini zuma lying,she knows very well cause they discussed it together so that she can be given the presidential post on a silver plate

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