ANC looks for security a 'firepool' at De Lille's home

ANC looks for security a 'firepool' at De Lille's home

ANC looks for security a 'firepool' at De Lille's home
Role reversal: ANC members demand that DA's Patricia de Lille "pays back the money" on updates to her house.


Mohlaloga WaDimaka
Mohlaloga WaDimaka 3 months ago

If indeed she has spend tax payers money for her personal home upgrade,she must just do the right thing to payback the money and also resign that's all

Grant Salomon
Grant Salomon 3 months ago

Don't worry ANC guys 'n girls, DA and De Lille will just use your no. 1's rule and play book - delay for 5 to 10 years then if she really did it just apologise after getting a report by one of its own into how much is payable😎

Grant Udemans
Grant Udemans 3 months ago

If she has illegally spent money on her house then she must pay back the money. But I will only take this cheap shot by the ANC seriously when the call is made by the EFF ... they have seem to have some integrity

Sbusiso Wandile Radebe
Sbusiso Wandile Radebe 3 months ago

DA is led by Thugs ! let's go back to voting ANC people before DA finishes what's left in Western Cape. these whites are still looting from us even after apartheid, what a shame.. They are really not showing any remorse from what they done during the struggle

Richard Scully
Richard Scully 3 months ago

She used it all for trellidor and didn't steal 90% of it like Zuma. Furthermore hers was 140000 and thief Zuma was 257 000 000 ......note the difference in the zeros. Zot Zuma stole too many zeros

David Ackermann
David Ackermann 3 months ago

There's been no case about this yet has there? As in, we're still waiting for the proof to be presented to a judge who then needs to decide if she's guilty or not. So, in the meantime, why is everyone freaking out?

John Peter Andrews
John Peter Andrews 3 months ago

They won't find anything. They must keep on searching. Anyone that takes JP Smith seriously is equally stupid. The ANC firstly fight with him over the drug in fat-cake deaths but is so eager to listen to him in this story. Fools

Elliot Sibeko
Elliot Sibeko 3 months ago

So each and every politician is eyeing for upgrade! Will SA solve the issue of squarter camps while our leaders are more concern about their owm luxury?

Garth Powell
Garth Powell 3 months ago

Aaag come on what is R 750 thousand compared to R 240 million ..? What good for the goose is good for the gander ..not so ? Give the tannie a break ..she has applied for a bond for " security upgrades " 😂

Stanley Philips
Stanley Philips 3 months ago

ANC please go to court if you have proof on your disposal over the misuse of funds by cape town city mayor and let the sober mind Judge rule on this matter that's what EFF. UDM and DA did to make Msholozi end up paying back the money

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