noriaki kasai

Noriaki Kasai (葛西 紀明, Kasai Noriaki, born 6 June 1972) is a Japanese ski jumper. He is a 1992 ski flying world champion and 1999 Nordic Tournament winner. In 2016, he was honoured with a Guinness World Records certificate for the most World Cup individual starts not just in ski jumping but in all world cup disciplines run by the International Ski Federation. Kasai holds the record for the most individual World Cup starts with 535 and has been competing for 29 seasons between 1989–90 and 2017–18. He holds the world record for the longest jump for athletes over 35 years old with 241.5 meters (792 ft), which he set in 2017. He has the record number of appearances in ski jumping at the Olympics, the Nordic world championships, and the ski flying world championships. He is also the oldest ski jumper to win the medal at the Olympics, the oldest individual World Cup winner, the oldest ski jumper on World Cup individual podium, and the oldest World Cup performer ever. Wikipedia