persis solo

Persatuan Sepak Bola Indonesia Surakarta, commonly known as Persis, is a football club based in Surakarta (also known as Solo), Central Java in Indonesia. Persis Solo was a football club, that was founded on the 8 November 1923 in Surakarta, Central Java, Indonesia by Sastrosaksono. Inception indirectly using the name Persis Solo, but still named Vorstenlandschen Voetbal Bond (VVB), a kind of association football. In 1928, Vorstenlandsche Voetbal Bond officially renamed to Persis Solo. Just have won 7 times. In the season 2006/2007 to be the pinnacle of achievement for Just because it's in season Exactly escaped promotion to the highest caste league level i.e. Indonesian First Division. The achievement was not accompanied by a Division 1 League title since losing to Persebaya Exactly in the final match held at Brawijaya Stadium, Kediri. Wikipedia