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Woman Says She Was Humiliated After Holiday Romance Tells Her She Was Victim Of 'Pull A Pig' Prank

Sophie Stevenson is a 24-year-old woman from Manchester and was the victim of a cruel prank.
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Sigh. So this is what passes for modern romance

COMMENT What is the line between hopeful optimism and naive self-flagellation when it comes to the search for love? Well, it seems scraping gutter low is the answer I learnt this week.
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BREAKING: Knife attack on busy London street

The knifeman is on the run
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'Pull a pig' victim hits back against claims she's lying

She apparently travelled all the way to Amsterdam to meet the man before realising he'd pranked her
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'Pull a pig victim' explains why she made her humiliation public

She was left humiliated after her holiday romance played a ‘pull a pig’ prank on her
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Dutch 'prankster' admits he did have a one night stand with 'pull a pig victim'

He initially denied the whole story
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