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Robert Swan Mueller III (born August 7, 1944) is an American attorney who was the sixth Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation from September 4, 2001 to September 4, 2013. Mueller is the special counsel overseeing the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections. Wikipedia
Los Angeles Times Mon, 08/21/2017 - 15:38

Trump impeachment more likely than removal, California Rep. Brad Sherman says at town hall meeting
Hundreds of people at this California town hall cheered a decision to introduce articles of impeachment against Trump.
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Washington Post Mon, 08/21/2017 - 13:20

Analysis | The Daily 202: The elites strike back — getting under Trump’s skin
Seven months into President Trump’s reign, the elites are striking back.
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HuffPost Deutschland Sun, 08/20/2017 - 20:07

Donald Trump will die USA spalten - mit dieser perfiden Taktik will er sein Ziel erreichen
"Donald Trump scheint mehr als bereit zu sein, das Land zu zerstören, um seine Macht zu wahren."
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Chicago Tribune Sat, 08/19/2017 - 13:10

EDITORIAL: Others will have to provide the leadership Trump has not
America's leaders should proceed with the nation’s business, understanding that President Trump may be more a distraction than a guiding force, the Editorial Board says.
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Le HuffPost Sat, 08/19/2017 - 11:14

Donald Trump ne passera peut-être pas l'hiver (à la présidence) selon l'auteur de ses mémoires
Et si Trump démissionnait ? L'auteur de ses mémoires publiées en 1987 l'affirme
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USA TODAY Sat, 08/19/2017 - 02:05

Trump's alienation of Congress could be his undoing, experts say
The president can't expect loyalty from Republican leaders when he hasn't given it to them, said one expert.
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Le Journal de Montréal Fri, 08/18/2017 - 23:13

L'auteur des mémoires de Trump prévoit la démission du président
«Le plus probable, c'est qu'il démissionnera d'ici l'automne, si ce n'est plus tôt», dit-il.
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