special prosecutor

A special prosecutor (or special counsel or independent counsel) is a lawyer appointed to investigate and possibly prosecute a specific legal case of potential wrongdoing for which a conflict of interest exists for the usual prosecuting authority. For example, the investigation of an allegation against a sitting president or attorney-general might be handled by a special prosecutor rather than an ordinary prosecutor, who would otherwise be in the position of investigating their own boss. Investigations into others connected to the government but not in a position of direct authority over the prosecutor, such as cabinet secretaries or election campaigns, have also been handled by special prosecutors. The term is not specific to the United States, nor to the federal government. According to Harriger, the concept originates in state law: "state courts have traditionally appointed special prosecutors when the regular government attorney was disqualified from a case, whether for incapacitation or interest." While the most prominent special prosecutors have been those appointed since the 1870s to investigate presidents and those connected to them, the term can also be used to refer to any prosecutor appointed to avoid a conflict of interest or appearance thereof. For example, because district attorneys' offices work closely with police, some activists argue that cases of police misconduct at the state and local level should be handled by "special prosecutors". Wikipedia
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EDITORIAL: We smell payback by Trump against CNN on AT&T-Time Warner

The Justice Department on Monday moved to stop the blockbuster merger of AT&T and Time Warner.This means one of two things:A) The Justice Department believes the merger would amount to a dangerous consolidation of communications and media companies, diminishing healthy competition.B) President Donald Trump is behaving again like a tin-pot...
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Analysis | James B. Comey: A Zen-like tweeter, revered as a Trump troll

The mystic tweets of James Comey are read by thousands as a coded critique of the president who fired him.
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Trump Jr. met with Kremlin-connected banker at NRA convention

The NRA meeting happened just three weeks before Trump Jr. met with a Russian lawyer at Trump Tower.
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Opinion | Did Putin get taken for a ride?

"Russia can do to us only what we allow it to do."Via Washington Post Opinions, Outlook, and PostEverything
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Tucson speech by former Trump adviser Steve Bannon draws 200 protesters

"They shouldn't be bringing someone that hates immigrants to a city and region where 50 percent of the population (is Latino)."
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Alabama Thought It Had Seen Enough Scandal. Then Came Roy Moore.

The uproar surrounding Roy Moore is only the latest flare-up in a state whose politics has been something of a Dumpster fire for years.
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Mueller subpoenaed a dozen Trump officials for Russia documents

The subpoena caught campaign officials off guard, according to a person familiar with the request.
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