uc3 nautilus

UC3 Nautilus is a privately built Danish midget submarine. It was launched on 3 May 2008 in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was built over a three-year period as an art project by Peter Madsen and a group of volunteers, and cost approximately US$200,000 to build (1.5 million DKK). This submarine was Peter Madsen's third submarine design, and at the time of launch, was the largest privately built submarine in the world. The submarine sank 11th of August 2017 in bay of Køge Wikipedia
Le Figaro Tue, 10/31/2017 - 17:59

Le propriétaire du sous-marin danois admet avoir découpé le corps de la journaliste

Peter Madsen avoue avoir démembré Kim Wall - mais pas l'avoir poignardée!
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