valgerd svarstad haugland

Valgerd Svarstad Haugland (born 23 August 1956) is a Norwegian teacher, politician and civil servant. Haugland was born in Kvam. She was leader of the Christian Democratic Party in Norway between 1995 and 2000. She was minister of Minister of Children and Family Affairs 1997 — 2001 and Minister of Culture and Church Affairs 2001 — 2005. Since 2011 she has been county governor of Oslo and Akershus. As Minister of Culture and Church Affairs she paid special attention to voluntary work. She withdrew as party leader at an extraordinary annual assembly of the party on 23 January 2004. The main reason is that she was blamed as being responsible for the poor results during the last local election, held September 2003. In the 2005 parliamentary elections she failed to win a seat in parliament. Until 2010 she was a board member of the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. Wikipedia