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Virgin Radio is a brand owned by the Virgin Group. Virgin Radio International was established in 2001 to develop the brand and has since built one of the world's most popular music radio franchises, broadcasting in multiple languages and music based formats in North America, Europe and Asia – including the Middle East – and has 24 million listeners worldwide. Virgin Radio stations in each country are owned independently of the Virgin Group or in franchise and of each other and generally carry independent programming tailored to local tastes. Wikipedia
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Un ex-collaborateur de Cyril Hanouna dit avoir démissionné à cause de son homophobie
Michael Zazoun rapporte des propos très durs de la part de celui qui était son producteur à l'époque
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Le canular téléphonique, format trash venu de la radio
Ça fait des années que Cyril Hanouna fait des "canulars" en se faisant passer pour "Jean-José", un homme homosexuel
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