wolfgang völz

Wolfgang Otto Völz (born 16 August 1930 in Danzig, now Gdańsk, Poland) is a German actor. He is known for his roles in theatre plays, TV shows, feature films (especially German Films based on Edgar Wallace works) and taped radio shows. He is also a very prolific voice actor. Völz studied acting and consequently worked as a stage actor. After more than ten years of acting including a great deal of supporting roles in feature films and TV shows he became a popular cast member ("Lt. Mario de Monti") of Space Patrol – The Fantastic Adventures of the Spaceship Orion. He continued being successful on the TV screen by playing Ioan (German: Johann), the driver and bodyguard of Graf Yoster (and afterwards many other characters). As a voice actor he has dubbed American stars such as Walter Matthau, Peter Falk and Mel Brooks and people or animals in animated films like Impy's Island. Wikipedia